Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

I'm B A C K!!

finally i'm back. it's been a (long) while since my last post..
Here I bring you some food.

Kamis, 12 Mei 2011


Last nite we went to Wapo to celebrate Meliana's birthday.. We were planning to make a surprise party for her. It's quite hard because the idea went out spontaneous when we were going out to the movie. It went well after all,, we had a good time.

when we arrived at wapo on 8.30pm that place was packed, its difficult to get sits for 8 of us. But finally we get the table. It's in the corner of the room, it was so hot, so we decided to moved to another table that near the aircon.

We ordered 

I Fu Mie
For our birthday girl
it's bland, and the noodle was soggy
Ca Kangkung
Nothing special
Black Pepper Beef
Taste weird, bit sour
Seafood Fried Rice
It was as dry as its looks
Like it's been on the frying pan all day
Chicken Fried Rice
tasted as dry as seafood fried rice
Cumi Saus Inggris
I don't give a taste to this food
Because when I took it, it has a rubber band on it.
you can see it from the picture above, I put blue circle around it.
but still, we had a good time.
Happy b'day Meiliana.....
Wish U all the best..
Back Row: Sailorman, Mba Geri, Anneke, Liya
Front Row: Me, Mba Yemy, Meiliana, Mirna

Wapo Airlangga
Jl. Airlangga

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Soto Lamongan Cak Har

After not-dinner-just-snack-time with my SBF, my friend ask me to have dinner at Soto Lamongan Cak Har, and I happily say yes without thinking. *big grin*

the place was clean not so packed. and it was so cheap, and the soto was good.
worth a visit.

Soto Lamongan
consist orf chicken, vermicelli noodle, rice
the taste of the broth is mild and nice,
the powder on top is called koya,
it makes the broth taste more delicious
I paid Rp. 8k including sweet ice tea, and we got chicken feet as a bonus. *happy tummy*

Soto Lamongan Cak Har
Next to Putri Hospital

Sushi Tei

Yesterday I went to Galaxy Mall with my SBF, since I haven't lunch so I was so starving that I can eat a cow. I choose Sushi Tei because we haven't eat sushi in a long time. My SBF didn't order a thing. Maybe he just had dinner at home or maybe he's trying to put me on diet. *eyes roling*

here's what we ordered:

Kizami Unagi Rp. 24K
Chopped unagi and cucumber
sprinkled with sesame seed
barely taste the unagi,
its like eating cucumber with a hint of unagi

Ika Tempura
best when it's warm
when it's cold it's loses its crunchyness

Honey, they are just a SNACK not dinner.. *sobbing*

Sushi Tei
Galaxy Mall Level 1

Hachi Hachi

2 days before my graduation day I've busy preparing everything. Since I was the last minute person, who will start to panicking and rushing everything by the end of the date, so I just start to prepared what I'm going to wear 2 days before the event. haha.

With mba Yemy and Meiliana, my dear housemates, I started to exploring Pasar Atum and Tunjungan Plaza with a mission to find a brooch and an earrings for my kebaya, which is still in the making. *sigh*

After walking all around mall the whole day, I was so starved to death, we decided to grab some food in Hachi-hachi, Mel's favorite restaurant. It's a japanese restaurant, and their speciality are fusion sushi.

We ordered :
spicy seafood yakiudon
it's spicy, nice, with lots of topings.
remind me of instant noodle though..

Philadelphia Roll

Black Dragon Roll
best dish of the night
tempura roll topped with unagi
drizzled with sweet sauce, dollop of mayo
and bit of tobiko. yumYum

Volcano Roll
Fried roll topped with mayo and drizzled with chili sauce
looks cute but taste ugly

the price was average, sorry I throwed the bills away..

Let's burn the calories,,

Tunjungan Plaza IV Lt.4

Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Food Court Pasar Atom

yesterday me and my girls went to pasar atom, looking for earrings and brooches. But since we haven't lunch, so we decided to grab some food before go shopping.

here's what we eat:
my friend meiliana choosed siobak, which i'm not allowed to eat, so I don't know how it's taste,, but she told me that her food is good.


And mba yemy who is come from bali choosed nasi campur bali.

nasi campur bali
consist of half hard boiled egg, sate lilit, peanut, sambal matah, ayam betutu, krupuk kulit babi, and vegetable. sambel is delicious, it's spicy and tasty.

and for me I choosed gudeg and pecel with rice.

nasi gudeg+pecel
the tofu from gudeg is yumminess,, it's soft, sweet,love it. and their pecel is just so-so. it cost 20k.

will try another stall.
see ya!

Gelato Bar

Gelato bar is a nice place to hangout. This place is spacious, with a modern decor. I love to sit next to the window. I've tried their dessert, mostly their gelato, which is nice.
strawberry+green tea gelato

I try their strawberry+green tea gelato on my last visit. I like the green tea gelato, the bitterness of green tea with a hint of creaminess, easily to polish off without any guilty. The strawberry gelato, I find it too sour for my liking. I choose my gelato to be drizzled by chocolate sauce and sprinkled by chocolate wafer. yum yum.

While my lunner ( lunch-dinner ) date choose aglio olio salmon spaghetti
aglio olio salmon spaghetti
I steal a bite, their spaghetti is a bit overcooked, with lots of chunky salmon. He seems to enjoyed his meal.

we order ice tea for drink, served in tall glasses,
iced tea
Lost the bill,, sorry. but they have promotion, every 50k that you spent you will get a voucher worth 50k.

Love the place but not the food.

Gelato Bar
Galaxy Mall Lt. 1


Finally,, i have my own blog.
i'm not food expert,, but i love food and traveling..
Hope u enjoy it,, need your advice..
let the show begin.


Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Leko Spesialis Iga Penyet

Kemarin gw ke Leko sama anak kos. Bukan jamnya makan sih, tapi that place was packed. Penuh, sampe susah cari tempat duduk. Tempatnya rumah makan biasa, lumayan bersih, dan untungnya ber-AC. Biasanya kalo kesana sii pesenan gw selalu sama : iga penyet super pedes

iga penyet super pedes
Iganya ada 3 pieces, tingkat kematangan tiap iga ga sama, ada yg kematengan, ada yg medium, yg medium fall-off bone tenderness, ga perlu pake ngotot motongnya,, ditambah gurihnya bawang putih goreng dan sambelnya yg pedesnya bikin pengen ngomel jadi kombinasi yang pas.

Temen gw pesen oseng iga cabe hijau,

oseng iga cabe hijau
Rasanya manis, gurih, ga pedes sih sebenernya, tapi minyaknya bikin pedes dibibir,, enak.
harganya termasuk murah, iga penyet Rp.20.000, oseng iga cabe hijau Rp.18.000. es teh manis Rp.2500 refill,
Rp.25000 uda bisa kenyang bgt makan disini.
will come back for more..

Warung Leko
Jl.Manyar Kertoharjo V-9
(031) 70181084