Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Sushi Tei

Yesterday I went to Galaxy Mall with my SBF, since I haven't lunch so I was so starving that I can eat a cow. I choose Sushi Tei because we haven't eat sushi in a long time. My SBF didn't order a thing. Maybe he just had dinner at home or maybe he's trying to put me on diet. *eyes roling*

here's what we ordered:

Kizami Unagi Rp. 24K
Chopped unagi and cucumber
sprinkled with sesame seed
barely taste the unagi,
its like eating cucumber with a hint of unagi

Ika Tempura
best when it's warm
when it's cold it's loses its crunchyness

Honey, they are just a SNACK not dinner.. *sobbing*

Sushi Tei
Galaxy Mall Level 1

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