Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Food Court Pasar Atom

yesterday me and my girls went to pasar atom, looking for earrings and brooches. But since we haven't lunch, so we decided to grab some food before go shopping.

here's what we eat:
my friend meiliana choosed siobak, which i'm not allowed to eat, so I don't know how it's taste,, but she told me that her food is good.


And mba yemy who is come from bali choosed nasi campur bali.

nasi campur bali
consist of half hard boiled egg, sate lilit, peanut, sambal matah, ayam betutu, krupuk kulit babi, and vegetable. sambel is delicious, it's spicy and tasty.

and for me I choosed gudeg and pecel with rice.

nasi gudeg+pecel
the tofu from gudeg is yumminess,, it's soft, sweet,love it. and their pecel is just so-so. it cost 20k.

will try another stall.
see ya!

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