Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Hachi Hachi

2 days before my graduation day I've busy preparing everything. Since I was the last minute person, who will start to panicking and rushing everything by the end of the date, so I just start to prepared what I'm going to wear 2 days before the event. haha.

With mba Yemy and Meiliana, my dear housemates, I started to exploring Pasar Atum and Tunjungan Plaza with a mission to find a brooch and an earrings for my kebaya, which is still in the making. *sigh*

After walking all around mall the whole day, I was so starved to death, we decided to grab some food in Hachi-hachi, Mel's favorite restaurant. It's a japanese restaurant, and their speciality are fusion sushi.

We ordered :
spicy seafood yakiudon
it's spicy, nice, with lots of topings.
remind me of instant noodle though..

Philadelphia Roll

Black Dragon Roll
best dish of the night
tempura roll topped with unagi
drizzled with sweet sauce, dollop of mayo
and bit of tobiko. yumYum

Volcano Roll
Fried roll topped with mayo and drizzled with chili sauce
looks cute but taste ugly

the price was average, sorry I throwed the bills away..

Let's burn the calories,,

Tunjungan Plaza IV Lt.4

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