Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Gelato Bar

Gelato bar is a nice place to hangout. This place is spacious, with a modern decor. I love to sit next to the window. I've tried their dessert, mostly their gelato, which is nice.
strawberry+green tea gelato

I try their strawberry+green tea gelato on my last visit. I like the green tea gelato, the bitterness of green tea with a hint of creaminess, easily to polish off without any guilty. The strawberry gelato, I find it too sour for my liking. I choose my gelato to be drizzled by chocolate sauce and sprinkled by chocolate wafer. yum yum.

While my lunner ( lunch-dinner ) date choose aglio olio salmon spaghetti
aglio olio salmon spaghetti
I steal a bite, their spaghetti is a bit overcooked, with lots of chunky salmon. He seems to enjoyed his meal.

we order ice tea for drink, served in tall glasses,
iced tea
Lost the bill,, sorry. but they have promotion, every 50k that you spent you will get a voucher worth 50k.

Love the place but not the food.

Gelato Bar
Galaxy Mall Lt. 1

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