Kamis, 12 Mei 2011


Last nite we went to Wapo to celebrate Meliana's birthday.. We were planning to make a surprise party for her. It's quite hard because the idea went out spontaneous when we were going out to the movie. It went well after all,, we had a good time.

when we arrived at wapo on 8.30pm that place was packed, its difficult to get sits for 8 of us. But finally we get the table. It's in the corner of the room, it was so hot, so we decided to moved to another table that near the aircon.

We ordered 

I Fu Mie
For our birthday girl
it's bland, and the noodle was soggy
Ca Kangkung
Nothing special
Black Pepper Beef
Taste weird, bit sour
Seafood Fried Rice
It was as dry as its looks
Like it's been on the frying pan all day
Chicken Fried Rice
tasted as dry as seafood fried rice
Cumi Saus Inggris
I don't give a taste to this food
Because when I took it, it has a rubber band on it.
you can see it from the picture above, I put blue circle around it.
but still, we had a good time.
Happy b'day Meiliana.....
Wish U all the best..
Back Row: Sailorman, Mba Geri, Anneke, Liya
Front Row: Me, Mba Yemy, Meiliana, Mirna

Wapo Airlangga
Jl. Airlangga